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Visit PressReader

 PressReader Logo

Accessing PressReader

Do you have a library card? Library Members can get PressReader from anywhere.

Click the following link to sign in to the PressReader collection with your library card barcode  number and PIN code: Visit PressReader.


Are you a visitor to the region? Get PressReader at any Okanagan Regional Library branch

You can get three days of ORL-sponsored complimentary access to PressReader when you visit any library location.

While on a library computer, or after connecting with the ORL's Wi-Fi on your personal computer or tablet, visit

You can also open the free PressReader App on your tablet or smartphone, after connecting to the ORL’s Wi-Fi, to get the three days of complimentary access on the App.


After accessing PressReader through one of the options listed above, you will see a PressReader HotSpot window with a welcome message and an indicator of how much time is left for your ORL-sponsored complimentary access.

Click Select Publication or close the PressReader Hotspot window and start reading right away!

When the ORL-sponsored complimentary period is finished, just visit PressReader using one of the options listed above to continue your free access to PressReader.


Finding and Reading Newspapers and Magazines

PressReader opens on the Home Feed, showing the most popular articles from a variety of publications presented in SmartFlow format – so it is easy to read on any device from computers to smartphones.

A Wi-Fi connection is recommended for smartphones, otherwise data charges may apply.

Want to view the article in its original layout and publication?

Right-clicking (or long tapping on a mobile device screen) on any article will open an options window. Select the Page View option.


To browse the collection...

Click on the ≡ icon found in the top left corner of the screen make the main menu slide out.

Click on Publications. You can then choose to browse by Countries, Categories (Automotive, Current Affairs, Entertainment, etc), Publication Types, and Languages, or you can scroll through the main screen and view Featured Publications, and Top Newspapers and Top Magazines.

Clicking on a newspaper or magazine issue will open it up in print-like layout. To read an article in SmartFlow format, right-click on any article to open an options window and choose the Text View icon.



Search for topics of interest using the Search box found in the top right corner of the screen. Typing in a term will prompt search suggestions. Click in to the Search box to see the Advanced Search options.


Your free PressReader Account

A PressReader Account is optional to create, you can enjoy reading publications without an account – but the account comes with some neat additional features.

Creating an Account

To create an account, click on Sign in in the upper right-hand corner of the of the PressReader collection.

On the sign in window, click New User? Sign up now. On the New User form, enter an email address, create a password, include a first and last name and click Done.


Editing your PressReader Account information

Click on your name, found in the top right corner of the screen, to expand the drop-down menu. Click Manage Account to edit the name, email address, or password you are using for PressReader.


You can also manage...

  • your social media sharing options under the Social and Linked Networks heading, 
  • the Public Info displayed in My Channel, which is your own PressReader webpage that lists the articles you've commented on and your public bookmarked articles, 
  • and, under the PressReader Installations heading, manage which devices are authorized with your PressReader Account. 

Please note that under Manage Account you will also see Subscription and Payment Method information, which is for PressReader customers that pay for their own PressReader subscriptions. Library patrons getting access to PressReader through the library do not need to touch these settings.


Your PressReader Account is used for…

Commenting on, bookmarking, rating, and sharing articles. Right-clicking on any article will open a window to select these options.

Customizing the Home Feed (the news stories that display when you first visit PressReader) to get the news most relevant to you.  Click on the ≡ icon to slide the main menu out, then click on the gear icon next to the Home Feed heading. Select stories by Country, Categories, such as Sports, Business, Technology or Entertainment, or choose specific publications.

Syncing your reading experience across up to five devices, so you can have access to your saved Bookmarks in My Collections and more.

Transferring your ORL-sponsored PressReader access to other devices:

  1. Access PressReader through one of the two methods described above and then sign in to the PressReader collection with your PressReader Account.
  2. On your second device, visit the PressReader website, or open the PressReader App, and sign in with the same PressReader Account. The ORL-sponsored access to PressReader will be transferred automatically.  


And, getting the PressReader App to recognize you as a library patron:

  1. After downloading the PressReader App, sign into the App with your PressReader Account. 
  2. Go to an internet browser, access the ORL's PressReader collection with your library card and PIN code using the Visit PressReader link posted above. 
  3. Click on Sign inon the upper right-hand corner of PressReader collection and sign in with your PressReader Account.
  4. Go back to the Press Reader App, you will see the PressReader HotSpot window with a welcome message. Stay signed in to the App to get three days of complimentary access. Go back to Step 2 after those three days are done to get continued access to PressReader. 


More information about the PressReader App

While PressReader is can be enjoyed on tablet and smartphone browsers, the free PressReader App is available for customers to download for many popular mobile devices

Download it free from your device’s app stores. It is available for…

  • iOS (iPad, iPod Touch, iPhone) running iOS 8 or newer
  • Android devices
  • BlackBerry devices
  • Kindle Fire tablets HD/HDX
  • Windows 10 devices


Download publications for offline reading

The option to download issues on the app is indicated by a downward arrow icon, in various areas of the app. A Wi-Fi connection is recommended for downloading publications.

Tap to download the issue, it is kept in the Downloaded section of the app. The app will open up to this section, when you are offline.



Need Further Help?

Visit the PressReader Help website

PressReader has created an extensive Help Centre, available at

Please note that some information pertains to subscriptions & renewal information for PressReader customers that pay for their own PressReader subscriptions and will not apply to library patrons.


Get in touch with the ORL:

Visit your nearest library branch.

Email info@orl. สมัครเล่นเกมยิงปลา, in your email, please include:

  • any error message you’ve received
  • your ORL library card number
  • the newspaper or magazine you are trying to view
  • the type of device you are using (e.g. tablet, smartphone, PC or Mac)
  • the type of web browser you are using, e.g., Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox
  • indicate you are using PressReader